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How we help companies.

Strategy and Innovation

We work with companies that desire a better way to leverage their business data to drive more growth and innovation. We provide the outside guidance that they need to help get them started, develop a game plan, and work with their teams to implement change.

By working with your team, we can help you identify your business challenges, develop a business intelligence strategy to address those challenges, and ultimately work with you step-by-step to execute and manage your plan.

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Defining Your Vision

We start by understanding your needs, issues, and concerns. Determining the proper vision is critical to staying focused on solutions that will truly address your pain points and provide tangible, immediate value.

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Planning and Prototyping

Quickly identifying the right data sources up front and building prototype reports during the planning process is a way that we help get the ball rolling, provide immediate useful insights, and expedite timelines.

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Building and Refining

As we begin executing the plan, production-ready prototypes and visualizations allow you to experience a flavor of the final solution and provide feedback for refinements. From there, we continue to move forward in a cycle of developing and refining until project completion.

Management and Support

Our clients tell us that they find great value in the amount of time we dedicate to managing all aspects of active projects and deliverables; and just as importantly, appreciate our responsiveness when it comes to availability and support after the project is complete.

Database Design and Development

Whether you are starting from scratch or need a complete overhaul, we will work with you to design a database from the ground up. If your database is in overall good health and simply needs an upgrade or refinement, we will collaborate with you to revamp only what’s necessary

Teams Detail

How we help Teams.

We often find that information from disparate systems and teams, and siloed data are craved to be integrated into one, company-wide, single version of the truth. The challenge is that the entire company does not usually agree on what data should be integrated, what gaps exist, terminology definitions, etc. Ultimately, each team is mostly focused on their subset of needs, challenges, and desires that comprise only 2% of the overall business intelligence pie. (Psst… that’s okay. Because it’s natural for there to be specific goals, challenges, and pain points that are unique to each team). We will work with you to provide insights and improvements to each specific area of your organization.

C-Level Executives

See important information all in one place

Make better decisions faster and with more confidence

View data, reports, and visualizations anywhere via mobile devices

Sales & Marketing

Monitor your entire Marketing and Sales funnel in real time

Identify new business opportunities

Make highly accurate sales forecasts with confidence


Bring all your company data into one place for single version of the truth

Get everyone on same page by breaking down operational silos

Monitor business processes across your organization


Monitor actual financial performance at a glance

Bring together data from all corners of your business

Quickly see how all departments are contributing to revenue


View project statuses, forecasts, and updates

Track help desk issues and ticket closure SLAs

Monitor application development burn rates

Industries Detail

How we help industries.

Our services help increase revenue, improve processes, drive innovation, and streamline efficiencies across many different verticals and with many different industry-specific solutions.  Below are examples of how we tailor solutions that address needs specific to each vertical.


Identify at-risk students

Measure outcomes of discipline

Track and report on student progress

Monitor class sizes


Identify average cost per claim

Report on average claim settlement time

Demonstrate claims ratios

Retail & E-commerce

Track store performance – online and offline

Monitor inventory

Report on website analytics and conversion

Hospitality and Restaurants

Monitor Sales

Track Inventory

Manage resourcing and scheduling


Track the life of a case matter

Monitor the life cycle of a case matter

Track financial performance


Track usage

Manage support ticket response and SLAs

Track projects and implementations

What’s your next step?

Whether you need help getting started or are all ready to go — feel free to sign up for a custom, free workshop specific to your company. We’ll sit down with you and your team to review your data opportunities, discuss strategy, and help you organize a business intelligence game plan.

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